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Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

We offer progressive tennis lesson programmes, with classes for beginners through the advanced level, for both children and adults. Our professional and experienced coaches from Tennis Town Academy will ensure that all students perfect their game through their lessons and, most importantly, discover the joy of the game.

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Details & Services

Lesson (per hour) Member  Visitor 
1 pax RM 127.20 RM 148.40
2 pax RM 74.20 x 2 RM 84.80 x 2
3 pax RM 63.60 x 3 RM 74.20 x 3
4 pax RM 53 x 4 RM 63.60 x 4
Lesson  Member (per person) Member's Guest (per person)
5 hours RM 583 RM 699.60
10 hours RM 1,060 RM 1,272
Mini Tennis (per week) Member  Visitor 
1 class RM 135 RM 150
2 classes RM 240 RM 270
Drop in RM 40 RM 50


Intermediate Tennis (per week) Member  Visitor 
1 class RM 335 RM 370
2 classes RM 610 RM 700
Drop in RM 95 RM 110

Timing and availability to be confirmed by management and coach. 

Tennis Courts

Tennis Town Academy

+6012-6253 630

Monday - Friday     -     7.00am - 11.00pm
Weekend - Public Holiday     -     7.00am - 10.00pm

Procedure for Termination of Lessons

  • One month’s notice in writing to the Club prior to the termination of the classes; otherwise the club will automatically debit the said amount into the member’s account.
  • Termination and temporary leave forms can be obtained from the Sports counter or the instructor.

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