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Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi is based on the ancient Taoist philosophy of yin and yang. At KLGCC, the classes we provide for our esteemed members and guests will enable them to maintain their physical and mental health through the use of deep-breathing techniques, integrated with gentle flowing movements of the body. Our experienced Tai Chi master will teach you effective mental-relaxation techniques that will allow you to remain in a relaxed state with a positive mind as you face the pressures of the real world.

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Details & Services

RM45.00 per month

Sunday     -    7.00am - 8.00am

Aerobic Room (Gymnasium)

Taoist Tai Chi Society

Mr. YT Foong
+6012-332 3979

Mr Eric Lim
+6019-332 8589

Procedure for Termination of Lessons

  • One month's notice in writing to the Club prior to the termination of the classes; otherwise the club will automatically debit the said amount into the member’s account.
  • Termination and Temporary Leave can be obtained from the fitness centre or the instructor.

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